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in to northern new jersey. we have a few in western maryland and west virginia. temperature-wise it is really muggy and sticky out there. 81 cambridge at this hour. even in the mid to upper 70s in the shenandoah valley. we are at 79. 84 by 9:00. and this afternoon some scattered storms move north to south. temperatures by five in the upper 80s. time for traffic. good morning. we are keeping an eye on the accident at prince william parkway near the hack kwan river bridge. all westbound lanes, one lane is open. all eastbound lanes are closed. avoid the area. the closures will be in place the next half hour or. so in manassas, an ongoing police activity is disrupting traffic between wellington and nokesville road. that will be in place for a while. avoid the area if you can. interstate traffic on 95, volume is picking up between prince william parkway and lorton, but all lanes are open. up to 395, duke and seminary, volume there as well but no
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major incidents or accidents reported but a crash in maryland, 270, route 85 off to the right shoulder. we are seeing some traffic between germingtown and clopper but no major problems to report from commuters there. at the top of the hour let's get to the stories happening today. part of's new immigration law is in affect but the most controversial parts are being temporarily blocked. a judge wants outstanding lawsuits settled. the house is expected to approve airline safety measures today in response to the 2009 crash of a continental express flight in new york. it will improve safety and training of pilots. later this morning, president obama will deliver what's called a major education reform speech. he'll do that at the national urban league's 100th anniversary convention held in northwest washington. also today redskins training camp begins.
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lindsey mastis live with a preview. >> reporter: we are hours away from the official season of redskins 2010. the parking lot is filling up now as players report in to the area this morning. it is mike shanahan's first training camp with the since. fans are excited to see the new coach and his staff in their element. you have got mike shanahan's son, his offensive coordinator, has let is defensive coordinator and there's a lot of expectation and pressure to make the season good. >> we are going to give them every opportunity to show us what he can do. hopefully he will like the position we play him in and give us everything he's got. we will see how he does in practice and what kind of shape he is in and we will see quickly. >> he knows he's behind and we have to get him caught up. i think he understands what we are looking for and hopefully he will buy in to what we are
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doing and help us to win some games. >> reporter: of course they are talking able albert haynesworth. he accepted a $20 million bonus and wanted to be traded and a lot of his teammates were upset about that. at this point he has had a conversation with mike shanahan and it's been decided he will have to pass, basically have to pass a conditioning test before he can practice with the team. so very interesting first day here at redskins park. lindsey mastis reporting live. >> how will the redskins do this year? a lot of you are leaving comments on our facebook page. here's a sample --
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stay with 9 news now for all of the redskins coverage. dave owens will have a live report from redskins park today at noon and dave will be joined by brett haber tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and seven. check out the redskins training camp page under the sports headline at five days later and still lingering problems from our summer storm. while most of the power outages have been fixed, about 6800 customers are still without electricity. 5300 of those are in montgomery county. 1200 in prince georges and 200 in the district. the hardest hit zip code right now is the colesville area of silver spring including one home day care dealing with no power. >> it really messes up my business and my families that i provide care for. >> i'm very frustrated.
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you know, we have had to use a generator. the generator goes off every 2 1/2 hours so we are going back and forth to turn it on. >> reporter: pepco hopes to get the power on by tomorrow. many a montgomery county teenager admits to luring a montgomery county man to his death along a hiking trail in potomac. emily geller pleaded guilty yesterday. the body of 57-year-old of a man was found in may of 2009. he was a car salesman from gaithersburg. prosecutors say the two had met for a similar encounter days before the murder. virginia's attorney general is donating to charity some controversial campaign contributions he received. republican received $55,000 in money from the director of veterans of an organization. he is under investigation accused of misappropriatuation. the money will go to veterans
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charities. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here and you are making us smarter shoppers. >> that's white. who doesn't love finding a discount? we love a discount and the outlet malls are usually swimming with deals but you need to be cautious about pitfalls and bargains that aren't all they are cracked up to be. >> absolutely you can find great deals. you have to look and be cautious and take your time don't be in a hurry. know what you are going for because there's traps wherever you go. >> reporter: this personal stylist says the discounts at the outlet mall may not be as deep as you think. >> they produce a tag that has a msrp on it, which is then crossed out with a new price to trick the customer to thinking they are getting a deal when they are not. >> reporter: another pitfall they often create a line of clothing just for outlet stores themselves, clothes that will never make it to a regular retail store and the quality can be just as cheap as the
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price. this sweater here when you look at it closely, you can see that the stitching season perfect, the buttons are extremely loose. >> it is not something you would see on the rack in the retailer itself. >> reporter: protect yourself by examining the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship of the garment before you swipe your credit card. the best deal. >> probably going to get the better product at the better outlet store. >> reporter: another option, look for clearance stores rather than outlet malls they usually have clothes in the store that didn't sell out completely. >> you have to look through the racks an take the time to do it if you are really looking for the deals. >> reporter: here's another way to get up to 20% off. before you head to the outlet mall, head to the website for coupons and stop by customer service desk. often time you will find a v.i.p. coupon book that offers better deals. this is one from leesburg outlet and you will find 20%
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off at kenneth coal. >> this is for every store. >> right. not necessarily every store but over 670 there and and in individual stores ask if there are coupons, this is from sax and an additional 30% off. you can't combine these but you want to ask for these. the first stop, get your v.i.p. coupon book. >> i never thought of that. >> now you know. >> what would we do without you, jess? appreciate it. if money were no object where would you travel to, no the outlet malls don't count on this one, folks. the number one spot is italy, us a central ya is number two, ireland, great britain and france. the time is 6:08. the controversy in arizona is far from over this morning. new immigration law is in affect but not all of it. in four minutes, learn why part of it was blocked and what
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happened next. right now it's our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. we begin with howard. >> good morning. start with doppler. we have a lone shower in western maryland that is pushing through hancock right now along 68 heading off to the east. we will be watching that for you. you can see it coming from hinesy grove in to hancock right now. get the maryland forecast. a sticky morning out there. we have the heat and humidity. it will warm up quickly and also an early chance of showers and storms. even by noon, look at that in the mid-80s cumberland and hagerstown. 90 in spots and around annapolis and camp springs can't rule out storms midday as the action moves to the south during the afternoon. finish out the day with a better chance of storms south and north. temperatures low 90s in many spots. it. >> will be a warm one. start off on 270. traffic southbound. an accident on route 85 to the right shoulder. not really disrupting traffic heading south.
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slow germantown and clopper. moving to over parts of montgomery county. still have those six lights not working properly. tech road and route 29 among them. police are directing traffic, trying to get you to work safely. so use caution in that area. fly over 50 westbound from bowie to 495. right now not seeing major incidents or accidents, just buckle up and be safe this thursday morning. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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we are following a developing story.
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it is the most controversial parts which are blocked by a judge. 's governor, who supports the law, promises to appeal later today. sandra endo has the story from fee nick. >> reporter: 's immigration law goes in to affect today. but without what many consider the most controversial provision. a day before the law known as s b-1 070 was scheduled to go in to affect, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction against key parts of the law meaning at least for now police are prevented from questioning a person's immigration status if there is no reason to believe the person is in the country illegally and the judge blocks criminalizing people for not carrying or applying for immigration registration papers. the ruling came after the department of justice filed suit arguing immigration enforcement should be dealt with at a federal level many say it is a victory against potential racial profiling. >> when looking at the law, the way it was written and the only
6:13 am
way to ten force the law was to take somebody's race in to account, racially profile, i feel strongly about that. >> reporter: asceses governor jan brewer say that's will appeal, arguing states should have the power to combat illegal immigration and that the federal government hasn't done enough. >> we are going to continue to request that we get heard on this and that the citizens of arizona are protected. >> reporter: the parts of the law that go in affect today include a ban on all sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and making it a crime to hire illegal day workers. it could be a matter of days before the court of appeals takes on the case and won't be until october before the supreme court could handle it since they are in recess. in phoenix, sandra endo for 9 news now. our coverage continues at get more reaction to the judge's decision on the immigration law and learn about local protesters, as well as a
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local crackdown on illegal immigrants. it is 6:14 on this thursday morning. here's what is in the news now. it is not believed anyone survived the crash of a military cargo plane. it went down last night at an air force base in a alaska. four people were on board. hundreds of people are out of their homes, forced out by two wildfires. this is in southern california. governor schwarzenegger has already declared a state of emergency. massey energy plans of to resume work at the upper big branch mine in the next few months. 29 miners died there last april in an explosion. the company will build a new entrance and hopes to resume work in the next six months. talking an the weather today. temperatures not going to be so bad but it is the thunderstorms that we will have to worry about. >> a little punchy from sunday when it comes to thunderstorms and some of the thunderstorms today could be on the strong so severe side. not anticipating anything close
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to what we had. this morning live doppler 9000 hd starts with some lighter showers, some out in western maryland pushing think hancock. they are moving east as these are fairly light and few and far between. and then across west virginia, we will go south for you. that's going to be approaching the shenandoah valley. you see franklin west of peterburg and oakland. they could be approaching the shenandoah valley in an hour or so as they get out of west virginia and this action is going to be increasing as we go through the day with the daytime heating that is coming. back on the weather computer and talk about today. shower and storms. 79 now. expect 84 by 9:00. noon we could be pushing the 90- degree mark with showers and stops an. that's the case off and on for the afternoon as the action moves from north to south. clearing north first. so by 4:00, 5:00, northern virginia, winchester, should be done with all of this. culpeper may not be done,
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fredericksburg until 7:00, 8:00. warm and muggy. scattered storms north and west. 70s and 80s. this afternoon we will have scattered showers an storms and i'm talking lunch hour to mid to late afternoon. some could be severe. winds to the northwest at 10 to 15. clearing skies and less humidity tonight. 56 to 70 for the low. that will feel good tomorrow morning with sunset 8:22. spoke to lou anne in annapolis, 81 cambridge. 79 in southern maryland and tappahannock, fredericksburg is 80 and cumberland and hagerstown in the upper 70s there. muggy. that's the reason temperatures haven't dropped off. 82 under mostly sunny skies. the sun came up ten minutes ago. the cold front to the north. showers and storms and the warm humid air. we will watch them as we go through the morning in to the afternoon. midday we will have a scattering of showers and
6:17 am
storms. see southern maryland waiting. we could have a couple of storms here and there. through the evening, action settles to the south. fredericksburg 17 cnn 15. could be stuff by you and clear out nicely overnight. that means a good looking friday. here's the seven-day forecast, low 90s today. thunderstorm, could be strong midday through the afternoon. tomorrow 87. nice and dry. saturday can't rule out a storm 87 with better chance on sunday. 85 and here comes what looks like more heat. i hope i can change this tomorrow but could be in the mid-90s by tuesday. it is 6:17. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. good morning. happy thursday. here in the traffic center we are keeping an eye on this accident out in prince william parkway. it is pretty bad. we hope it will be cleared by 6:30. right now still there, prince william parkway near the hack kwan river bridge. all lanes are shut down. moving to i-66.
6:18 am
we have a crash at route 29 centreville and we are seeing traffic from 234 to route 29 because of the crash. it is off to the shoulder but will be slow for drivers on 66. moving on to the outer loop in maryland, if you are taking a trip north of town, right now from university of georgia delays are growing but moving without incidents. back to the maps and check route 4, 5 and 301 in maryland. not seeing incidents or accidents on the screen here. that is deathly good news. the drive times are slowing down in spots as we check 66. slow from 7100 to 495, a half hour drive there. 295 in dc from the beltway to dc, 295, eight minutes and growing. on the inner loo loop from 395 to the toll road, 14 minutes right now. back to you. the prince georges county fire department is reminding you whenever there is an extensive power outage you should unplug your appliances. that's because of this house fire yesterday in oxon hill. ten minutes after the power
6:19 am
came back on, a fire broke out at the home on miles drive. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. damage is estimated at $200,000. good news for anyone who got a speed camera ticket in one maryland town. it is getting tossed out. this involves ben wood and in prince georges county. the washington examiner reports anyone who got a ticket between june 24th and july 1 putt will get a refund because of what is called an internal error. the cameras are at the intersection of 38th avenue and rhode island avenue. slug riders, don't fear. the district says it will not crack down on the car pool lines inside of the city. we told you last month that the district would go after slug commuters for violating city laws but the police chief wrote a letter to congressman connelly saying slugs are okay. it is 6:19. ahead in sports the braves do something to the nationals they have not done in ten
6:20 am
years. plus, more from the redskins in three minutes. an apparent beef involving haynesworth. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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good morning, everyone. if hains worth hadn't already lost 30-pounds there's a good chance he would have in the first week of training camp for all the wind sprints shanahan will make him do. he knows he disrespected the head coach with his selfish behavior and tried to mend fences yesterday. he met with shanahan and declared himself ready to rejoin the team, but not so fast said the coach. shanahan telling haynesworth he will start camp on the second string defense. he will need to pass a fitness test before he can play at all and he needs to "buy in." hernandez pitches for the nats against the braves last night.
6:24 am
1stinning he strikes out one and heyward is on third and steals home. chaos on the base pass. jones with a flair in the fifth. the braves take out thionates 3- 1. josh howard agrees to a one year deal with these wizards last night. he came to washington in that butler heyward deal from dallas in february. looks spectacular for four games before he tore up his knee and ended his season. he averaged 15 points over the seven year career. that's a quick look at sports. i will see you tonight from redskins training camp live in ashburn, until then i'm brett haber, have a great thursday. >> one more sports note an up date on strasburg. he will likely miss the next start because of the inflammation in his right shoulder. that's his pitching arm. he told reporters yesterday he felt the tightness a few days ago and felt like he might be
6:25 am
hitting a wall. it is 6:25. ahead, jessica doyle has a new warning about a job scam out there. and we will check in on the pony run. and we could see thunderstorms roll back in today. howard tells us when a we could expect them when 9 news now returns. ♪
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my dentist gives me act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. we are back with a delmarva tradition. the 85th annual pony swim. 150 horses made the swim from maryland in to virginia.
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about 40,000 people watched. today many of the horses will be auctioned off. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm angie goff. andrea roane is on vacation this week. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast and no umbrella just yet. >> no umbrella, jacket, it is warm and muggy but there are showers and storms that will be moving in. north and west they will move in this morning, even in washington the lunch hour or shortly thereafter. the showers and storms, you see the lightning up in pennsylvania, west virginia to the shenandoah valley. that's an hour, hour and a half way aif it holds together. regardless there is a front coming and the air will sag toward us. we will be watching this this afternoon. it is warm and muggy. you can see the temperatures in the 70s except annapolis at 80 degrees already. we will be 90 by noon with scattered showers and storms an. that will be the case for the afternoon. highs in the low 90s. let's go to patranya bhoolsuwan
6:30 am
and find out about the commute. >> 6:30 on the dot here and we have good news in woodbridge, the accident at prince william parkway has cleared. moved to the shoulder between yates ford and. an earlier accident at route 29. still slow from 234 to the scene and then again from a 0 to the beltway. this is due to a crash. not a crash, actually a disabled vehicle is blocking the right lane. so it is slow on 66 for now. move out to how things are looking. on the inner loop a disabled vehicle is blocking the lane approaching 66. and in maryland moving without incident but heavy from university over to georgia and add extra ten minutes to your commute this morning. back to you. today the state of arizona will appeal a judge's ruling. it blocks the strongest and most controversial parts of the new immigration law. the other parts are in affect
6:31 am
today. wednesday a judge said police will not be able to ask about the immigration status of the suspected illegal immigrants she wants the lawsuit to surround parts of the law settled first and issued an injunction. it is a win for opponents of the law. >> that means now they have a temporary injunction they need to step up, the feds do, and do the job they have the responsibility to do for the people of america and for the people of arizona. >> i am really happy because that means they will take the time to see what is justice and what isn't. >> reporter: we will talk to a reporter from phoenix coming up in 12 minutes. people opposing the arizona protested at the white house last night. many of them are children of illegal imgrants. they want president obama to grant temporary relief and work
6:32 am
toward naturalization. the burgundy and gold are back today. redskins players begin to arrive at the top of the hour for training camp. lindsey mastis there and is live from ashburn, virginia. any early birds just yet? >> the players are arriving. there's coaches that are also arriving. the parking lot is starting to fill up but fans won't be able to come in until 2:30. we are hours away from the official start of the 2010 season. it is coach shanahan's very first training camp with the team. he will be joined by mcnabb who is now with the redskins after spending his entire career with the philadelphia eagles. there's also a new offensive and defensive coordinators and these changes come after a disappointing season. the -- they only won four games and lost 12. it is a season they would like to forget. >> we are 4-12 last year and 0- 6 in the nfc east. talk is cheap.
6:33 am
we have to do it on the football field but where it starts with the off-season conditioning field. we want a lot of people committed to give us a chance to do the best we can once we get to training camp. >> we are ready to get started right now. it is all about the next season coming up, 2010, last year wasn't what we expected it to be. got a new coach and quarterback, a lot of exciting things going on here at redskins park. >> reporter: fans are definitely excited. as i said before the parking lot will open at 2:30. practice starts at 4:00. they expect standing room only as fans come to watch this. live at redskins park, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> thank you. stay with 9 news now for all of the redskins coverage. dave owens will have a live report from redskins park today at noon. dave will be joined by brett haber tonight at 5 clock, 6:00 and 7:00. check out the redskins training camp page under the sports headlines at right now a barricade
6:34 am
situation outside of manassas, virginia hotel. it is entering in to the 12 hour now. it is happening at the homestyle inn. no one has been hurt. the hotel guest has been forced out all night. police say it began with a fight in the parking lot. when the suspect saw officers he holed himself up in the hotel. prosecutors want a boy who was 13 at the time of a violent murder to be tried as an adult. it happened at the cheltonham youth facility in prince georges county. 65-year-old teacher was found raped and beaten to death in february. sources tell us there's dna evidence linking the boy. the boy's attorney wants to keep him in the juvenile system and not have him tried as an adult. >> you still have to realize that the person who you are dealing with is a child with a child's thought processes, with a chide's lack of judgment, with a child's brain. >> reporter: the suspect is being held at a detention
6:35 am
center in hagerstown. an employee there says the boy has been involved in further violent activity while this custody. now the latest on the summer storms. it's been five days and still thousands of people remain without electrify. 5300 of those are in montgomery county. 1200 in prince georges and 200 in the district. montgomery county has just about every traffic light back on this morning. at last check, there are six of them out. the biggest ones, route 29 and tech road and viersmill and newport road. remember to treat the dark intersections as a fur-way stop. the time is 6:35. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here to warn us about a job scam. >> yes. this is another situation where the bad guys going after the people who are the most vulnerable. so if you have posted your resume on-line be careful. a russian cybergang is running a slick e-mail scam. they are sending e-mails to
6:36 am
thousands of job seekers who posteds remays on job sites. they offer to pay up to $500 for cashing a commercial business check then you are asked to wire the proceeds to a contact in st. petersburg russia. the problem is the check is fake and you are being lured in to helping the cybergang with fraud. three ipad users filed a lawsuit against apple. they say because the ipad shuts itself off after a short time in direct sun light it won't work as a book reader. it will shut itself off as it starts to over heat. live pictures of the new chick-fil-a. hundreds have been camping out ahead of the the opening. the low location route 29 and tech road in silver spring. the company says so many people showed up because they haven't had food or power because of the storm. the lure here, the first 100
6:37 am
customers can win a free supply of nuggets and such for a year. and also a ground breaking at in the new restaurant coming up in the crystal city location. everyone was really excited to walk through the doors. >> and they didn't have to dress up like a cow. cow appreciation day was a couple of weeks ago. >> i did see a cow walking around. people do go the distance to get thearchic chick-fil-a. we begin the focus on virginia's weather and traffic. how's it going. >> a steamy sticky morning. the muggies are in full alert. the humidity has crept up the last couple of days and you will notice it for sure unless you are in a bubble. talk about what we expect today temperature start off in northern virginia. you will get a thunderstorm chance in the shenandoah valley early before the noon hour. 9:00, 80 winchester. 81 culpeper. 80 fairfax. as we go to lunchtime, look at the lightning bolts showing up with a chance of thunderstorms
6:38 am
coming in upper 80s to near 90. temperatures topping off in the low 90s for a high today. less humid on friday. >> you heard howard. it will be steamy out there. ac blasting at full force for folks driving on 66 because it will be slow 7100 to 495 due to a disabled vehicle at gallows taking away the right lane. a hot, slow drive. expect a 35 minute commute there. as we switch to the inner loop, 25 minute delay due to a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane there, as well. otherwise moving without incident. fly over the toll road from the airport past hunter mill all the way to 495. not seeing major issues blocking the travel lanes. the time is 6:38. thanks for joining us this morning. 9 news now will be right back. look inside a more than
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the top of the charts. the number one book is the girl who kicked the hornet's nest. it what been in the top 100 since christmas day. the finale though trilogy the girl with the dragon tattoo is the number one down load for the kindle and on obama diaries a satire by conservative commentator laura ingram. it is 6:43. a judge says part of arizona's immigration laws cannot take effect. at least right now. joining me on the phone is christine lee with our sister station kpnx if phoenix. you were in the courtroom when this came down yesterday. what was that like. >> i wasn't inside the courtroom i was outside of the federal courthouse for several hours throughout the morning yesterday. and the reaction, i was surprised, there weren't as many protesters as they expected there to be.
6:44 am
some of the protesters were obviously happy the judge did make a ruling against part of the new law. however, some of them said the judge didn't do enough and should have done away with the entire law. >> reporter: we are learing from governor brewer who came out and said this is a temporary bump in the road. we are also showing, looking at poll numbers and the solid majority of americans agree with this law. 65% of arizona state voters saying agree with the law, as well. what's your general feeling? you are there and on the grown and seeing what people are saying. how would you describe the emotion and reaction to the law. >> it is pretty much mixed. initially the poll said something like 70% of the voters in arizona liked the law. so both of the people are upset the bill is not going to be enforced the way it was originally written. however, a lot of people that came up to the federal courthouse, they were against the law and they were the most
6:45 am
vocal in the past week or so. so obviously, those people were happy but they say it is the beginning of a battle that they are going to win. >> reporter: this is not only reignited the immigration debate where you are but even on a national stage. we saw a lot going on here in washington, d.c. alone, but even on the international stage as we watch growing tensions with even mexico. how are the people in arizona taking all of this, being the center of attention of the media frenzy. >> yeah. definitely arizona has been under a lot of pressure lately and the governor, as well. i mean, local law enforcement agencies here, they already have strict illegal immigration policies in place. so part of concerns of the different departments and such were they didn't know how to adjust to s b-1 070. they said it would take time and money to make the changes that needed to happen. but as of right now it is going on as planned. the law is in affect. so far no major protests or no
6:46 am
major time. i know sheriff had one planned at noon today. we will see what happens as the day progresses. >> we will wait and see. thank you so much. christine lee with our sister station kpnx out there in phoenix. >> only the beginning. only the beginning of the dawe but we are worried about showers and storms moving in. in some spots in the metro won't be that typical late afternoon or evening but more middle of the day. look at the radar over the last 12 hours or some you see the showers and storms across pennsylvania. heaviest approaching new jersey right now. but we have some action in where west virginia. maryland seeing some showers northern maryland next couple of hours will see this. late this morning midday we will see it here in washington start to develop. as far as today, at a glance, temperatures will be climbing to the 80s and low 90s depending how much sunshine we get. a sticky day with showers and
6:47 am
storms midday through the afternoon. scattered about from time to time. so it is warm and muggy. north and west watch for the storms the next few hours, 70s and 80s. wins southwest at five to ten and this afternoon some storms could be strong to severe, 88. southern suburbs will see more sun and storms lair for you in fredericksburg or in the pax naval air station. winds turning north this afternoon 10 to 15. cooling and 6 a to 70. 80 from lou anne in annapolis. bill in new last land is 79. winchester 78. lynn in fulton and howard county telling me 72 degrees for her. culpeper 75 and hagerstown 77 degrees but feeling like 82 in washington and our winds are currently five miles an hour from the south southwest. there's the front. here's the showers and storms ahead of it. everything is drifting east and southeast. as we go throughout the afternoon we will see some of that action approaching us.
6:48 am
by mid afternoon, look at the showers and storms scattered about by 2:45 or so. this evening things pull away. fredericksburg king george could be dealing with showers and storms around dahlgren and that will pull out overnight setting us up for a pleasant start to the weekend. unfortunately the weekend has a couple of chances of storms. the seven-day forecast, 92 today with shower and storms. some severe this afternoon. 7 dry degrees tomorrow and sunday 85. >> as you heard howard, pack the umbrellas this morning. putt it in the car and from pair for anything out there. i-66 brace yourself for delays. slow from 7100 all the way to the putt beltway due to a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane at gallows. allow extra minutes. we will tell you how much in a few minutes. but first head to the inner loop where it is jam packed from braddock where a disabled
6:49 am
vehicle is blocking the lane. no major incidents reported west of town. inbound new york avenue in dc we have a crash here blocking the left lane at kindle street but not causing delays to the third street tunnel. for folks in maryland, driving 270 southbound all earlier accidents are clear but germantown to the split it is slow. back to you. police say a two-state crime spree ended when the suspects were nabbed inside of alexandria's city hall. here's how it ended. police say someone car jacked an suv in maryland on wednesday. then they say he and another person robbed a hotel in arlington. the car crashed. one suspect was arrested there and the other ran in to city hall. police there took him in to custody after a police pursuit. only on 9 an adult ad placed in a high school yearbook an the person who placed the ad, the high school
6:50 am
principal. norda king is the principal of the high school. in her spare time she sells a drink that claims to help people lose weight and boost their sex drives. he placed an ad for the drink in the back of the school yearbook and as you can imagine some parents are not happy. >> i don't think they should have put an advertisement like that in a yearbook for high school kids. >> reporter: why not? >> you know, high school kids, some kids have weight problems any ways. >> reporter: other parents tell us, despite the incident, king has been a good principal and role model. king says she did not have a chance to proofread the ad before it went to press and she promises it won't happen again. in sports, the nationals and braves wrap up their series today. the first pitch is 12:35. last night, atlanta pitcher tim hudson went 7 and 2 third innings striking out seven. the nats lose 3-1. the blue rays, athyrea run shot in the
6:51 am
eight. they phat fall to toronto. and the o's have now lost five in a row. we have 79 degrees here in northwest washington. when it comes to being clean, how do the local beaches stack up? the answer is three minutes away.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
here's what is in the news now. a 34-year-old murder suspect is being held without bond. he was leaving penn station when the man was killed. ocean city, maryland is amongst the beaches receiving the highest grade for water quality it was issued by the resources council. howard? it is a steamy morning out. there already 80 degrees. 84 by nine. by noon 90, a chance of showers and storms moving and scattered
6:55 am
about through the afternoon. patranya bhoolsuwan will have another look at the traffic and i will show you the seven-day forecast when we return. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
6:56 am
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so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we're back with the power of the purr. the washington humane society is expanding the kitten therapy program. it donates shelter kittens to united cerebral palsy. the organization says the animals are helping patients improve motor skills, plus the kittens have a new home and owners that care for them. 200 patients are involved in the therapy program. it has been so successful the washington humane society is expanding to a second cerebral palsy facility. >> wonderful.
6:59 am
big problems on i-66 from 7100 to 495. look at that jam. 45 minute drive. earlier disabled vehicle at gallows. on the inner loop from braddock to 66 is heavy due to a disabled vehicle approaching 66. a live picture at 11th street and florida avenue. crews are on then scene. traffic lights are not working properly. thunderstorms here midday and we will be watching that. tomorrow better and 87 a few storms over the weekend. more so sunday than saturday and temperatures in the 80s. stocks are higher this morning earnings reports are out today. we will have more on the immigration law on the "early show." and plus ideas how to strengthen your brain, no matter how old you are. >> the next news is at noon. down load the apps for weather at see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a

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